I’ve always loved color and getting my hands dirty. When I was a kid it was sidewalk chalk and watercolors. As an adult, it’s house paint. I’ve been a painter for a local company for about 15 years now and I love every day I go to work. I never get bored. I’m always practicing techniques, playing with quality paint products and challenging myself to get better and better. My customers love the end result when I repaint their whole house. It comes so easily to me that I used to be surprised when homeowners were in such awe about my work, but then I realized that not everyone knows how to properly paint a home. So I’m using this blog to share some of my insider tricks for really making walls and exteriors pop with paint. Even if you hire a professional to do it for you, knowing these tips will help you hire the better contractor from the start.

However, painting the home is not an easy task. There is no disadvantage in decorating your own residence, but for the significant defense against pests from the harsh weather condition, you need to have a professional painter because they are only one who can offer you the amazing styling with protection.

What Is The Usage Of Expensive Paints?

Many people face confusing situations when it comes to cheap and expensive paints that might be for interior or exterior painting. But the best Australia based painters of Elgin can describe you the difference between cheap paint and expensive paint.

The cheap paint is used for small craft projects. It’s not exactly related to painting inside or outside of the house. Expensive and cheap paint carries a huge difference. The difference between ingredients is given below:

Ingredients In Paint

The expensive paints have three main ingredients included:

  • Solids: The solids means the solidness of the paint after it has dried. After completion of the surface, the solid part of the surface is left on the substrate. The solid includes the additives, pigments, solvent, and resin.
  • Pigments: The pigments are powder solids in the paint that contribute color. Whereas, the binders are the sandy solids that incorporate paint toughness, giving the paint a special property with which the paint’s cost is reduced. The cheap paints include the dyes instead of pigments, which reduce the toughness of the paint.
  • Filler/Binders: The fillers are used for the thickness of the film. It is a special part of pigment that hike the volume of paint. The binders are cheap material such as clay, talc, lime, etc.

Cost-Effective And Wide Better Coverage

The most crucial point to consider is the coat of paint required for a surface. You must have noticed that the cheap paint includes the two, three, or maybe four paint coats. Whereas, the expensive paints have high ratio pigments particles that require fewer coats.

If the cheap paint requires more than two coats, then the expensive will require only one to two coats. Some folks consider this not a big deal, but it will provide you with pretty many benefits.

Superior Longevity and Enduring

If your investment is proper, it means using quality paint will have better longevity without peeling, fading, and chipping. This is why hiring a professional “quality paint company” is vital. The “Painters Of Elgin” suggest you about the suitable paint according to the surface and offers you paint service at unbelievably good prices. The professional workers of Elgin choose the good product.

The choice of choosing the paint is entirely yours. The “Painters Of Elgin” can only recommend you the best. If you want to choose the cheap one you can. If you want long-lasting attractive paint that offers the color you desire, choose the expensive or quality paint.

What Are The Significant Ways To Pick The High-Quality Paint Brushes?

It’s undeniable that selecting the colors for the house painting takes a lot of time because of the matching the spectrum of shade swatches. But the only color selection doesn’t provide you a professional look at your house. You have to pay the proper attention to the collection of paintbrushes.

Many painters select the rollers to paint the large surface, but brushes can only provide high precision. Right, and quality selection of paint brushes requires fewer costs than having more versatility and staying longer. Depending on your technique, it gives you smooth and textured finishes. The brushes cannot only be used for one purpose like painting homes, but you can also make use of brushes for trim and other detail work such as painting furniture. Before jumping on the shape, size, and quality, one should have knowledge of points that make a great paintbrush.

Brushes are made up of various materials and available in variegated sizes and shapes. You have to determine which paintbrush suits according to the specific task.


Generally, paintbrushes are classified into two categories – Natural (used for oil-based paints) and Synthetic (used for the water-based paints).

Natural Paint Brushes: The natural paintbrush is made up of badger or hog (animal hair). The microscopic splits clench the product or paint from where you get a smooth finish. Commonly the natural paint brushes are for oil-based paints. You can use it for decorative chalk paint for an antique look, polyurethane, and topcoats. The round natural bristle brush is really useful for applying furniture wax.

 Synthetic Paint Brushes: These synthetic paint brushes are made up of high-quality polyester or a blend of polyester and nylon. Frequently the synthetic paint brushes are used for water-based paint. The reason behind this is the natural paint brushes soak the water and does not look effective. The paint-like low or no volatile organic compound paints are best applied with the synthetic brush because it is based on acrylic latex.

What Are The Life Of Natural And Synthetic Paint Brushes?

It is very important to know the duration of the brushes. Professionals like “Painters Of Elgin” always choose the high-quality right tool which has years of life. The classified paints (synthetic and natural) can be everlasting if placed with proper care and maintenance. The cleaning of brushes is painless; you need to remove the extra paint with soapy water and rinse with fresh or clean water—afterward, air dry on a horizontal surface.


For the house painting, the paintbrushes range into one to six inches. The brush ranges into one to two, and half is perfect for painting the window area. Whereas, the three inches brush is ideal for painting the shelving, cabinets, door. The brush lead between four to six-inch is for flat horizontal large areas such as ceilings and walls.


It is vital for the beginner who is going to paint the home because professionals like “Painter Of Elgin” have through knowledge. But for those who don’t know, the paint brushes are of three types. And each one has a different purpose.

  • Square Cut: The square-cut brush is used for large areas such as ceiling, flat door, siding, and walls. This brush is more precise because it is used for exterior and interior cleaning, and you don’t have to use the roller. The square-cut brush is four-to-six inches. The advantageous thing is it saves the paint.
  • Angle Sash: The angle sash brush is used for painting the window sashes.  This short-handed angle sash offers great stability because of marvelous diversification and detailed work. You can use this brush for painting the corners, panels, and edges. It also manages to reach the hard-to-reach area like behind a toilet.
  • Round Sash: The round sash brush is of the small size, usually lying in between 20 to 40mm. If you look for the decorative painting of chair and table legs, you should go with a round sash brush because the round bristle of brush is suitable for 3D art.


High-quality paint brushes offer a smoother, perfect, fuller coverage finish. The bristle material and brush size make the brush stay in work for at least 20 years. The ideal “Flagged Bristles” brush has the splits at the ends and clutches more paint; this provides the best coverage.

To get the beautiful smooth texture and create precision and control, the bristle of the brushes should be short from the exterior and longer to the center. If the brush bristle has longer bristles (50%) from the width, then they can comfortably hold the more paint and have more coverage and control.

What is the right paint product for the Job?

If you plan to paint the house, it’s important to select the right paint with the right quality according to the right surface paint and the right color. The “Painter Of Elgin” provides you with significant information that helps you make an informed decision.

  • Acrylic Paint For House Ceiling And Walls.

The top-quality acrylic paint has superlative properties that are preferably used for homes. In extreme weather conditions and temperatures, they quickly dry, resist peel, and do not flake and crack. To protect the house walls and ceiling from dark spots, use the quality paints. The reason is the quality paints have antimicrobial qualities and prevent fungal growth.

  • Stain/Velvet Or Silk Emulsions For Rooms.

These paints are commonly used in interiors. The benefit of this paint is, the finish is smooth and washable. To maintain the surface shine, clean the walls with a wet microfiber cloth after three months.

  • Semi-Gloss Paint For Restrooms And Kitchens.

The semi-gloss paint is used for kitchens and bathrooms because they are exposed to moisture and humidity. It also protects the surface from fungal growth and dark spots. Meanwhile, it is easy to clean.

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